Toronto Bruce Trail Club - Members only Help


Login Profile Setup
In order to use the members-only section of the Toronto Club's website you first need to setup your personalized password and login profile. This setup is independent of your login and password on the Bruce Trail Conservancy's website. When you setup this profile you will be asked for your Bruce Trail Conservancy membership number (as on your membership card) as well as your postal code as identification. You will need to give us a password to be used when you login. You will be asked for an email address which is used in various features of our system. This email address will be used only in accordance with our privacy policy  and is currently (will be integrated later) independent of any email address you submitted with your Bruce Trail Conservancy membership application. 

New Members
In order for new members to create their TBTC website login profile and personalized password, the following are required:
  a) the new member must have received their membership number from the Bruce Trail Conservancy
  b) the membership number must appear in our copy of the membership database (see * below).

We are working on ways to remove or at least minimise these requirements for new member setup.
In the meantime, please feel free to use our phone-in system for events that require pre-registration. 

* The Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) handles membership on behalf of the individual clubs and maintains the master copy of the membership database. Our copy of the database is synchronized with the BTC's database at the end of each month.  As a result, some new members who do have a membership number and attempt to create their TBTC website login profile and personalized password, may nevertheless get a message to the effect that the membership number entered is not in the TBTC's database.  Your attempt to create a login profile will be recorded and we will notify you when our database has been updated with your membership information (should be within one month).  We are working on changes that will minimise or eliminate this inconvenience to new members.

The BTC processes membership applications within 3 weeks after receipt of a membership application. New members should receive their membership card and copy of Footnotes (which includes the current organised hike schedule) no more than 3 weeks after joining. If you do not, please call the BTC during business hours at 1-800-665-HIKE(4453) or email them at

Remembering your membership number
If you select this option,  we will save your membership number using a cookie on your computer and you will not have to rekey it each time you login to the Toronto Club's website. You will still have the option to change it each time you log in. This option should not be selected when you use someone else's computer (e.g. at a library). The option will not operate if cookies have been disabled in your browser.

Bruce Trail Membership number
This is your Bruce Trail Member number as it appears on your membership card.


Board Minutes
You will receive by email copies of the minutes of the meetings of the board of the Toronto Club which are held approximately 10 times per year.

Hiking Schedule Updates

  1. You will receive by email, notification of all changes and additions to the Toronto Club's organised hiking schedule.
  2. For all events for which pre-registration is available, you will receive an email message when online pre-registration becomes available for that event.


Pre-registration cancellation deadline:
This is the last time at which a previously made pre-registration can be cancelled. This deadline is usually earlier than the pre-registration cutoff time in order to allow last-minute pre-registrations to be made after all cancellations and so avoid uneccessary empty spots.

Pre-registration cutoff deadline:  
This is the cutoff deadline for new pre-registrations AND for changes to existing pre-registrations such as age, email, activity choice etc